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Dilli Tere Ishq Mein

Join the magnificent art exhibition that showcases artwork of prominent Delhi artists including Shantala Palat's latest paintings along with many folklores of Delhi from 20-22 April 2018 with multiple art formats and engagements

"Dilli Tere Ishq Mein" showcases the city Delhi and narrates it's history and thus the culture that has emerged out of it. From the ancient period of Mahabharata when Inderpat was one of the five villages given to Pandavas to the present millennium Delhi NCR , this city has had many turns and twists and what it is today or would be in future, will only be a reflection of that past. A city that has led many to lead, deserves a festival under one roof that narrates the story of the city in multiple modes and various facets of its existence. This exhibition would be mini step to provide Delhites a reason to fall in love with this city.

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