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India’s Famous Contemporary Artist Shantala Palat’s Paintings " Are you all there?" travel

India's famous contemporary artist Shantala Palat's painting, " Are you all there?" traveled to Boston where Asian Art Gallery hosted their first art auction," The Art of Giving" held from

27th February 2018- 5th March 2018. Her painting was much appreciated and sold as well.

Shantala Palat is a Delhi based, new generation contemporary artist whose work has gained popularity after participating in series of international and national exhibitions and winning the prestigious Nippon art award (2011) from School of Art Institute of Chicago, USA. In 2013, she had her first solo exhibition at Hamra Centre, City of West Torrens Auditorium Gallery, Adelaide, Australia. Shantala’s artworks were appreciated for their vibrant and vivid colours and the interesting ability to beautify the negative and positive spaces of the interlocked figures and for portraying the curious nature of the modern human being.

Pictures from the show

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