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Shantala Palat's Vibrant Illustrations and Ink Drawings Gain the Attention of Creative Little Minds

Shantala Palat artwork in Apple Press

Leading contemporary artist Shantala Palat has recently captured the art world's attention and children's imagination with her mesmerizing ink drawings as her artwork is published in the latest edition of the famous international journal, The Apple Press.

The Apple Press is a young people’s journey edited and curated by educator and performance storyteller, Tansy Troy and designed by Dikshit Sharma. The co-founders created the children's journal during the lockdown for children who had limited or no access to technology, particularly in the Himalayan regions. The journal is an eclectic mix of stories, poems, photos, illustrations and activities contributed by artists and educators from around the world. The latest issue revolves around “Ancient History, Love, Hope, Inspiration and Visions for our collective future together on Planet Earth”.  The children will enjoy and be entertained with these amazing stories and artwork. 

Talking about this event, Shantala says, “My work draws inspiration from nature, composite animal paintings of Indian Mughal miniatures, and childhood animation films like ‘My Little Pony’ and Walt Disney productions. In the last decade, I have been a passionate and keen lover of the tribal and folk arts of India. We have a rich cultural heritage of various artforms that make our world a beautiful and precious one. For this journal, my ink works have been deeply inspired by the intricate drawings of the Jogi family from Rajasthan. Their art form is a relatively new one compared to others. Their simplicity and repetitive rendering of patterns that people their worlds drew me to their artworks.”

Participating in a series of international and national exhibitions, Palat’s work has garnered acclaim for its vivid

colors, intricate compositions, and thought-provoking themes. Palat’s journey as an artist began with her win of the prestigious Nippon Art Award in 2011 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA. Since then, her artistic exploration has led her to create captivating pieces that resonate with viewers worldwide.


Themes and Techniques:

·  Symmetry and Transformation: Shantala Palat’s paintings often feature interlocked figures, birds, and elephants. These seemingly simple compositions transform into modern human beings trapped in various social situations. Her use of symmetry adds an unusual and fantastical quality to her work.

·  Exploring Human Nature: Through her art, Palat delves into the ever-changing shades of human personality. She captures the fleeting and endearing aspects of our existence, portraying the curious nature of modern life.

·  Medium: Palat employs water-based media such as acrylics, gouache, watercolour, and coloured pencils. These materials animate life on paper, infusing her creations with vibrancy and depth.


Collecting Shantala Palat’s Artwork:


Art enthusiasts worldwide can explore and acquire Shantala Palat’s captivating paintings. Visit her website gallery to bring home a unique piece of contemporary art. For media inquiries, interviews, or high-resolution images, please contact:

Press Contact:, Phone: +919899605750


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