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Gifting Contemporary Painting in an Indian Wedding

Forget casserole dishes, lamps and china sets, newlywed couples these days appreciate gifts that are far more exceptional. In true millennial fashion, newlyweds are developing taste for gifts like modern artwork and contemporary paintings.

Since young people have a strong brand and fashion preferences for jewellery, furniture, home décor, dress, crockeries, and other stuff, they generally buy these stuff prior to their wedding. Hence, traditional wedding gifts are gradually needed less and less by the newly married urban Indian couples.

On the contrary, contemporary paintings can give a positive impact to a home that people always wanted in their house. Paintings can make rooms more soulful and attractive and it can develop an inviting and warm atmosphere. In fact, the home décor designer across the world values the role of an original modern painting in the home. In a new home, paintings can fill large wall spaces effectively and aesthetically.

Also, original paintings can be used as an investment. When artists become famous in the future, their artwork prices also shoot up. (Make sure if you are gifting a painting, you ask for the authenticity certificate for the same)

In the 2018’s Indian wedding season, many people have bought original artwork from artists, galleries and curators. Speaking on this matter, India’s famous contemporary painter Shantala Palat says that people bought her work to be gifted to the to the newlyweds who also were art lovers as well as for an occasion such as the wedding anniversary of another couple.

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