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When 'Khari Baoli' & 'Qutub Minar' Witnessed Birds & Butterfly Invasions

Over the decades, Delhi’s nature lovers have adapted themselves to live with the pain of losing the flora and fauna of their city. They miss the sparrows, tailorbirds, common mayna, colourful butterflies and other animals that were once found in abundance in the national capital till the 80’s & 90’s eras. Some blame the big mobile towers & mobile phone radiations that are killing the birds, butterflies, and bees while others blame the concretisation of the city and growing air pollution. No matter the reasons for the gradual disappearance of these animals and birds, we are definitely missing them.

Last week during the cultural and art exhibition “Dilli Teri Ishq Mein” at Stainless Gallery, Delhi again witnessed the invasion of these birds and butterflies at the city’s prestigious monuments like Agrasen ki Baoli and Qutub Minar through the artwork of Delhi’s contemporary artist Shantala Palat.

The pen and ink artwork of Shantala Palat, themed " The Baoli invasion" and " The Qutub Minar Butterfly invasion", gained huge appreciation both by art critics, lovers and by the general public. These artworks can be purchased directly from the artist herself by sending an enquiry email at the following address- or by giving a call (mentioned in the website contact page).

"The Baoli Invasion" by Artist Shantala Palat

"The Qutub Minar Butterfly Invasion" by Artist Shantala Palat

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