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Shantala Palat’s painting “Solitary” express the Stoic Face of Relationship in Modern Times

Though the dictionary defines the word solitary as a condition of physically living alone in a place but modern relationship and marriages have extended this definition to situations where couples even though they share the same bed, eat at the same dinner table, watch the same TV, share the same bank account, parents the same children still they live lonely within themselves. Couples living solitary may have sex, but they don’t have love, they may talk, but they don’t communicate, they live together without sharing life.

India’s emerging artist Shantala Palat in her painting, tittle “Solitary” has represented this painful side of the modern relationship.

As Shantala is best known for her unique style for creating the symbolic lion heads made entirely from other objects like a vase, nails, etc, in this painting too she has painted two faces of an internally failed relationship. In her painting, both the couples seems stoic in their belief, i.e. do not express their grief rather covers– still the pain of solitary is expressed by the tears.


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