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When it comes to choosing a painting for the bedroom ,there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. A bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation; it’s a personal room, and the room vital for your relationship.

Hence the right painting for your bedroom wall can really go to great lengths in ensuring that your space gets the right vibes. However, picking up the perfect artwork for your bedroom can be a pretty daunting task. You may get confused with the decision on which painting theme you should select, who should be the artist, what should the colour theme, what should be the price range and others.

Today leading painter Shantala Palat through this article helps you solve this dilemma.

1. You must fall in love

You should start your search by visiting a good art exhibition or visiting online painting store. Once you find a painting that you absolutely love to have in your bedroom, you should go for it or consider the following points further.

2. Inspires the Mind

Once you like a painting, check if it is relaxing and soothing you or it enlivens and stimulates you. Paintings engage both the body and mind and provide the viewer with time to look inward and reflect. Hence the second decision you should make is whether you need a simple and soothing painting or something, which reflects your philosophy, principles and which inspires you.

3. A way to relax

Your personality , for instance, if you have had a rough week and you wish to stay in bed late and love to stare at the wall & outside the window and enjoy the solitude ,then you should select a painting that would help you to relax your body and soul. For you, your bedroom art should provide the release, and help you to de-stress.

4. Match your bedroom size and colour

Measure the length and width of the wall where you want to hang the painting. If it is going above a bed, couch or another piece of furniture, only measure the open wall space, from the top of the furniture to the ceiling rather than from floor to ceiling. Paintings hung above the furniture should be less than 75% of the width of the furniture; for example, a painting above an 84-inch-long sofa should be 63 inches wide or less. Follow the three-eighths rule. When working with an otherwise empty wall, the general rule is to choose a piece that will leave empty space in the number of three-eighths of the width of the painting on each side.

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