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Painting Depicts the Harsh Reality of Monday Morning Blues and Entrapment of Today’s Personal Life

The popular painting “Monday Morning Blues”, painted by India’s famous and emerging contemporary artist Shantala Palat, depicts a harsh reality of today’s fast lifestyle.

The painting themed Monday Morning Blues portrays how modern man suffers the sadness and depression at the beginning of the new week. Through the painting, artist Shantala has expressed that to a large section of today’s society, their dreams, aspiration, and joy has been entrapped at the cost of building a decorative and attractive self-image for the outer society.

Artist Shantala has used a white jar, within which the soul is entrapped while a decorative and attractive showpiece human image is coming out of the jar and shown to the outer world.

This painting is available at the artist's personal workshop, send her an email or call at +919899605750 for more information

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