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How to Choose an Artwork for your Office?

In today’s global market economy, competitions & market exists beyond the geographical boundaries of any country or continent. To thrive in such an environment, one of the necessary steps involve the establishment of a strong brand image for the products, services, people and for the offices. But how to establish a distinguish office environment especially when most real estate companies delivers a more or less similarly designed office space?

According to award-winning and famous contemporary painter Shantala Palat, adding an original artwork is an excellent way to enhance the beauty of an office space as well as it helps an office to develop its own identity. She adds that a good painting on the office wall has the power to impress your clients when they enter and it has the capacity to elevate the mood of employees.

Now the question is how to choose the right painting for the office?

1. Matching your brand

Prior to buying the artwork, ask the questions - what do you want your clients to think when they enter your office? Is your office Wall Art conveying your brand, character, and culture or does it appear as just another faceless corporation?

Remember, it is easy to forget the importance of corporate decor . Use brand colours or commission artwork that incorporates your brand values.

For example, if you are a finance company with a professional office environment and you choose vibrant and colourful paintings, it will have a huge positive impact on the people. Since clients are accustomed to the professional environment of most financial companies, chances are that they will perceive you better than the rest.

First Impressions

Art is a good way to start small talk: The story about acquiring art or what the art means for the company can be a nice introduction to any meeting and a good talking point because everyone loves stories.

For example, JP Morgan has artwork from every country they operate in and LinkedIn uses local artists in its offices! Maps and city scapes are also very popular with the corporate clients.

2. Involve Your Employees

According to various employee behavior studies, when employees were involved in the decoration of their surroundings, their productivity increased. Art is subjective and not everyone will always be happy with the choice but you can overcome this by having pleasing and abstract works in the common rooms and let employees choose works for their workspace that fit the corporate decor and identity.

3. Speak to an advisor

Sometimes art galleries or even a good artist provides art consultation before you need to commit to anything, so consult the artist for advice before buying. You can consult us for your office artwork by sending us an email at:

About the author: Shantala Palat is a Delhi based, new generation contemporary artist

whose work has recently gained popularity after participating in series of international and national exhibitions and winning the prestigious Nippon art award (2011) from School of Art Institute of Chicago, USA. In 2013, she had her first solo exhibition at Hamra Centre, City of West Torrens Auditorium Gallery, Adelaide, Australia. Shantala’s artworks were appreciated for their vibrant and vivid colours and the interesting ability to beautify the negative and positive spaces of the interlocked figures and for portraying the curious nature of the modern human being.

For price the catalogue and painting details call us - 9899605750 or email us at:

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