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How to use an Original Modern Painting to Enhance Your Home DÉCOR?

One day you moved to a new house or office and then you decided to give your home or workspace a new and exciting look for the coming Diwali and New Year. The first thing that generally worries a person about home décor is – how to make use of the large wall spaces effectively and aesthetically. Moreover, the pressing need to make the room soulful and attractive that can reflects your personality as well? In addition, how to develop an inviting and warm atmosphere for your home…

Did you know that a modern painting could give the positive impact you’ve always wanted for your home? In fact, the home décor designer across the world values the role of an original modern painting in the home or office.

According to the new generation modern artist, Shantala Palat, “a nice canvas painting has the potential to add character to any room of the house, be it a living room, dining room, library or the bedroom”.

Now the million dollar question is, which painting should you buy for your home? Should you buy a modern abstract painting or a simple traditional painting? Buying art for the home is a tricky proposition. Today artist Shantala Palat shares some important tips for choosing the right painting for your home or office.

1. Start by understanding the themes and colors of your house. Your wall painting decor has to complement the purpose of the room. The colors on the canvas usually set the mood of the entire room décor.

2. Consider the color psychology. This serves as the foundation for the enhancement of your room’s overall style, the décor accent and your personality. Hence, neutral colors like brown, cream, soft blue, and green will make the atmosphere of your room feel relaxed and calm. A subtle shade of blue, green and cream creates the perfect atmosphere for your bedroom retreat.

3. When you utilize a painting for your living space, ensure that it suits the concept of your home's design and that it has the right size. If the painting is too small, you can make it look enlarged by fixing a large molding frame onto the wall and placing the art in it.

You can also decide to have it mounted on a big frame to make it look big. In case you are using several uniform-sized small paintings, you can adopt the side by side placement or go for a mural.

4. When you decide to hang the artwork behind or above some furniture, the golden rule is to remember that the canvas must not cover about 3/4 of the width of the piece of furniture. Nevertheless, you can evoke a sense of symmetry and create a focal point that appeals to your visitors by employing an odd satin colour for your decorative pieces.

About the author: Shantala Palat is a Delhi based, new generation contemporary artist whose work has recently gained popularity after participating in series of international and national exhibitions and winning the prestigious Nippon art award (2011) from School of Art Institute of Chicago, USA. In 2013, she had her first solo exhibition at Hamra Centre, City of West Torrens Auditorium Gallery, Adelaide, Australia. Shantala’s artworks were appreciated for their vibrant and vivid colours and the interesting ability to beautify the negative and positive spaces of the interlocked figures and for portraying the curious nature of the modern human being.

Check Shantala' Palat's Paintings:

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